The Benefits of Medical Detox Programs

Medical detox programs provide high-level clinical care to help you overcome addiction. Learn more about the benefits of medical detox at Essence.

What Types of Addictions Require A Medical Detox?

Medical detox programs are the first step toward overcoming addiction. For many, detox is usually followed by therapy and aftercare. Detox is a process that allows your body to eliminate any remaining toxins from drug or alcohol abuse. A medical detox program provides support and symptom management. Ongoing care allows you to focus on recovery and healing. Detoxing from substances can lead to dangerous medical complications. Choosing a detox program like Essence Healthcare’ medical detox program ensures your safety and helps you comfortably manage the side effects of withdrawal.1

While there may be some substances you can detox from at home, others need the higher level of care and careful monitoring found in medical detox programs. At a supervised detox program, skilled professionals will watch your physical and emotional health while providing support to help manage your symptoms. The types of addictions that generally need medical detox programs are:


Detoxing from alcohol can lead to various severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Examples include seizures and delirium tremens (DTs). Medical detox programs help reduce the potential concerns associated with alcohol detox. During alcohol detox at Essence Healthcare, medications are available to help you manage your symptoms and reduce cravings.

Opioids and Opiates

Detoxing from opioids such as morphine, codeine, heroin, and methadone is not typically as dangerous as other substances. Still, opioid detox can be physically painful and unpleasant. Medical detox programs provide care and medical support to reduce the intensity of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.2


Medical detox programs are vital for someone living with an addiction to benzodiazepines. Common benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms include nausea, tremors, sweating, irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, anxiety, and seizures. Thoughts of self-harm may also occur. Supervised detox can help you or a loved one safely detox.3


Medical detox programs are a safe way to manage difficult, barbiturate withdrawal. Typical symptoms when someone stops taking barbiturates include hallucinations, delirium, and life-threatening seizures.4

What are the Benefits of Medical Detox Programs?

There are several benefits to choosing medical detox programs to help you begin your sobriety journey. While the list of benefits is lengthy, below are a few.


Detoxing from alcohol and certain drugs can have dangerous complications. Medical detox programs for alcohol and drug addiction offer 24/7 care and supervision from medical and mental health professionals. Throughout detox, members of your treatment team will monitor your physical and emotional health to ensure your safety and overall well-being.

Your treatment team may alter the plan to meet your needs if necessary. Medically supported detox programs also use (if appropriate) medications to help reduce the intensity and severity of withdrawal symptoms.5

Evolving Treatment Plans

During detox, your care needs may change. It is common for your needs to evolve as you progress through the stages of detox. Individualized detox and treatment plans at Essence Healthcare to grow and develop with your needs and goals.


Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can lead to several uncomfortable, sometimes painful symptoms. In a supervised detox program, providers will support and guide you throughout. Medications used during medical detox can help ease discomfort associated with withdrawal, making detox more comfortable.

Improved Physical Health

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol gives your body the time to cleanse itself from all remaining toxic substances. Ongoing drug and alcohol use is harmful to all body systems. Completing a medical detox program allows vital body systems to begin healing. This is a crucial step toward improving your physical health.

Improved Recovery Outcomes

Detoxing at home, cold turkey may seem more straightforward and less impactful on your daily life. This type of detox is often unsuccessful. Some mild withdrawal symptoms might be managed at home without medical support. Yet others, such as those accompanying alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal, may be severe and overwhelming.

Attempting to manage difficult symptoms outside of a professional detox setting may lead to relapse rather than recovery. Unsupported detox also increases the risk of overdose when drugs or alcohol are used to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Safe and Effective

As mentioned above, medical detox programs provide around-the-clock medical support and monitoring. This ensures your safety and improves your ability to detox comfortably. It also reduces the risk of relapse. Relapse can occur when withdrawal symptoms become too difficult to manage alone.

Types of Medical Detox Treatment Programs

Detox is the first and vital step towards healing and recovery. At Essence Healthcare’ Los Angeles area treatment program, we offer different types of detox. Our detox program treats addictions to alcohol, heroin, and other drugs.

Depending on your needs, we offer medical detox and subacute detox. Medical detox involves the 24/7 care and support you expect from a comprehensive detox and treatment program. Our subacute detox programs provide the same care and support in a less intensive setting.

Essence Healthcare

At Essence Healthcare, we understand that everyone who enters a detox program has different needs. The best detox and therapy plan for you will vary based on factors unique to you and your addiction. Our providers will work with you to learn more about your current health, relationship with substances, and treatment needs and goals.

After detox, we will support you as you transition into a therapeutic program. Behavioral therapies will help you further develop relapse prevention skills and tools. These are crucial to managing triggers, cravings, and other symptoms.

Begin Your Recovery Journey Today

Aside from supporting you during our medical detox and therapy programs, we are here to help you after treatment. Your team will guide you as you continue in aftercare. Aftercare includes ongoing therapy, medical appointments, and work with peer support groups such as alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous.

Let us support you as you begin your journey toward freedom from addiction. Contact us today to learn how Essence Healthcare can help you.

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