Sub-Acute Detox – An Overview of the Process

Sub-acute detox is a treatment option for individuals who aren’t likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Learn more here.

What is Sub-Acute Detox?

Sub-acute detox is a treatment process for those less likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms. This could be individuals who haven’t abused a substance for a long time or only taking small doses. Sub-acute treatment can be a great way to get supportive care, even if you don’t need around-the-clock medical treatment.

Treatment centers can help and plan for the detox process ahead of time. At Essence, we will provide you with a complete diagnosis and treatment plan before you start a program with us. We will go over what you’ve experienced in the past so we can help make the detox process as safe and comfortable as possible.

Sub-Acute Detox

Why Sub-Acute Detox Helps With Recovery

A study was done on patients with alcohol use disorders during detox. That study found that 23% of patients who weren’t prone to severe alcohol withdrawal still experienced some moderate to severe symptoms when they didn’t receive medical treatment. However, only 6.7% of those in the sub-acute treatment had moderate to severe symptoms.1

From these results, we can say that sub-acute treatment certainly helps. Even if you aren’t likely to have severe symptoms, having some medical care available is still important. When withdrawal symptoms are managed effectively, it significantly impacts patients’ chances of finishing the treatment program. When programs are completed, chances of maintaining long-term sobriety are much higher.2

What Does the Process of Sub-Acute Detox Entail?

If you’re wondering what the sub-acute treatment process looks like, this section will provide a complete overview. It’ll help you make a more educated decision on if this is the correct type of treatment for your needs.

Determining if Sub-Acute Detox is the Right Fit

The first step requires determining if a sub-acute detox suits your needs. Those who will be the best fit for sub-acute treatment are:
  • Someone who has undergone a high-level detox but requires additional care. 
  • Someone with ongoing mental health or biological needs after a comprehensive detox program. 
  • Those who are addicted to drugs that only have psychological withdrawal symptoms and no physical withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Individuals who haven’t struggled with substance abuse for a long timeframe or who only took small dosages. 
  • Someone who has relapsed after completing treatment.
If a treatment center determines you fall into one of these categories, they may recommend sub-acute treatment methods as the best fit.

Beginning the Detox Process

Those in sub-acute programs may still experience withdrawal symptoms upon stopping drug use. Treatment professionals will help you manage symptoms as needed to make the process safe and comfortable.

About 20-50% of individuals relapse in the short term after stopping drug use, so the right kind of care is important. These numbers are reduced significantly when individuals are in comprehensive rehab programs.3

Additional Treatment Options

Along with a detox, it’s recommended to have therapy and rehabilitative activities during sub-acute treatment. During and after the initial detox, you’ll be able to
  • Receive therapy – many different types of therapy are available here at Essence. 
  • Treatment professionals will help identify any underlying conditions contributing to the addiction.  
  • Attend support or group therapy meetings that provide a sense of community.
  • Start healthy habits like exercise, yoga, meditation, or other mindfulness activities. 
  • Create a long-term plan for success to maintain sobriety after treatment.
At Essence, we provide each of these additional treatment options and more. We will help you create a complete program that fits your specific needs.

Importance of Aftercare

Studies have found that patients are more likely to maintain long-term sobriety when treatment centers strongly try to provide support after treatment. At Essence, we are always here for you, even after you finish a sub-acute program.

You can continue seeing our therapists or attending group therapy sessions even when you no longer stay at our facility. We can also schedule regular check-ins or refer you to other helpful resources in the Los Angeles area.4

How Does Sub-Acute Detox Compare to a Medical Detox?

At Essence, we offer both sub-acute and medical detox programs. The main difference between these two options is the intensity of the treatment process. Sub-acute treatment is for those less likely to have severe withdrawal symptoms. This means you don’t necessarily need constant medical support and attention.

On the other hand, medical detox is provided with around-the-clock support. An inpatient medical detox will best fit your needs if you have serious withdrawal symptoms. It will provide the necessary care and support to facilitate effective recovery. You don’t have to decide if you are confused about which treatment options suit your needs. Essence Healthcare is here for you to help you determine the best treatment types.

sub-acute detox programs

Get Help with Sub-Acute Detox at Essence Healthcare

If you are considering a sub-acute detox, Essence Healthcare can help. Our evidence-based treatment center uses proven methods to get great results. We will help you find suitable options for your needs upon beginning treatment. Throughout treatment, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be here for you every step of the way. We also provide a wide range of therapy options during treatment. If you have needs, we have therapists who will best fit them.

We have also designed our facility to feel as comfortable as possible. We do not have a large capacity, so our treatment options can feel more personal. You will not have to feel overwhelmed by too many people or in a vast facility when you get treatment with us. We believe a more personal, intimate setting can help promote optimal healing.

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