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The Essence Healthcare Facilities In Los Angeles California.

Comfortable And Safe

At Essence Healthcare, we offer nothing but the best for our patients, and this policy is reflected in our facility. Treatment should not only be topnotch and quickly accessible, but that the healing environment should be comfortable and safe to ensure patients receive the quality healing experience they deserve.

We offer a comfortable living environment for our patients in quiet locations that allow them to focus on the reason they came to us – to be free from mental health issues as well as to achieve lasting sobriety. We also offer virtual outpatient options so you can recover from home.

The Essence Facilities

We believe in quality treatment and instant access to medical personnel at Essence Healthcare. Beyond that, however, we believe that the location where our patients recover is of paramount importance. This is why we have treatment facilities located in beautiful Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood, and Sherman Oaks. Our buildings are designed to make you feel at home from the very first day you start your treatment.

We also offer virtual outpatient services so that you can achieve recovery with the help of our staff while in the comfort of your own home.

Every Level Of Care Covered

You can rest assured that there is always staff on the ground to attend to our patients. We retain a patient-to-staff ratio of two patients per staff member. At Essence, we have adequate provisions in our facility that cater to our patients’ needs depending on the level of care they need at any given time.

In our Hollywood Hills facility, we have ample provision for medical detox. There is a detox center with all the state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the process is as safe as possible with 24/7 monitoring.
In some cases, you might not need round-the-clock monitoring but still require a top-standard location for sub-acute detox. At Essence, we have you covered.
Our location is designed for optimum inpatient drug rehabilitation. We provide 24-hour healthcare, emotional support, and protection from external triggers.
If you are searching for partial hospitalization, we have all the required resources at our disposal to ensure you receive your scheduled treatment during the day so you can return home at night. Our PHP programs include 30 to 40 hours of treatment per week.
Our Intensive Outpatient Program will provide you with top-tier recovery services while allowing you to heal in the comfort of your own home. IOP at Essence Healthcare includes approximately 9 to 15 hours of treatment per week and is best suited for those who still require intensive recovery aid but do not wish to stay in our facility.
Similar to PHP and IOP, our outpatient program allows you to receive the highest quality of treatment from Essence Healthcare while still returning home at the end of the day. Our Outpatient Program involves approximately 1 to 5 hours of treatment per week.
If you need a place to stay when exiting your drug rehab program, our sober living facility is the perfect place to prepare you for reintegration into mainstream society.
Our facility is well structured to provide quality drug rehab aftercare services such as individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and more.

About Essence Healthcare

We are a patient-first substance abuse and mental health treatment facility located in Los Angeles, California. At Essence Healthcare, we provide different levels of care from detoxification to drug rehab aftercare. Our major specialties include intensive outpatient program (IOP), detox, residential, and partial hospitalization program (PHP). Because we want the best for our patients, we skillfully blend different treatment programs to offer a unique recovery path for each and every one of them.