The Benefits of Inpatient Rehab For Cocaine Addiction

Learn more about cocaine addiction, its effects and consequences, and how to find rehab for cocaine addiction.

Cocaine Addiction: Overview

Cocaine addiction is a big problem in our society, affecting not only the person using it but also their family and friends. That’s why it’s important to talk about ways to get help. One of the best ways to get help is rehab for cocaine addiction.

Inpatient rehab is where people can get better with experts’ help. They get lots of care and support, and they can work one-on-one with someone to find the best way to stop using cocaine. They also get help even after they leave inpatient rehab so they can stay sober.

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant drug, It is usually snorted or injected in its powdered form. Cocaine is also found in a crystal rock form called crack cocaine (concentrated freebase cocaine). The effects of cocaine use are quickly felt, and it produces a sense of confidence and energy, combined with a feeling of alertness.

The Downside to Cocaine Use

While the outcome may seem desirable at first, cocaine use has short-term and long-term consequences. It can make you feel anxious, sick, itchy, and paranoid. If you use cocaine for a long time, it can cause more severe health problems like hurting your nose and kidneys and other issues. In 2020, about 1.5 million people aged 12 or older in the U.S. used cocaine.
If you or someone you know is struggling with cocaine addiction, help is available at your local rehab center. They can provide support for both your mental and physical health.1

Adverse Effects of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is an extremely harmful disorder. It can hurt your body and mind in many ways. It can damage your heart, lungs, and other important organs. The effects of cocaine can make you do impulsive and dangerous things. Cocaine can also make you feel sad, alone, and guilty. Rehab for cocaine addiction can be expensive, making it hard for people and their families.
But there is hope – with rehab for cocaine, people can stop using the drug and get better before it causes too much damage.2

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is a particular type of rehab for people struggling with addiction. It involves staying at a rehab center to learn healthy habits and skills to overcome addiction. This differs from outpatient rehab because it provides support and care around the clock.

What to Expect in Inpatient Rehab for Cocaine Addiction

Inpatient rehab offers different types of treatment. These treatment options include talk therapy, group and family counseling, 12-Step programs, and holistic approaches. Other activities like art or music therapy also help people connect with their recovery process.

Inpatient rehab can benefit people struggling with cocaine addiction, as it provides intensive addiction treatment that helps with addiction’s physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

How Does Inpatient Rehab Help People Recover From Cocaine Addiction?

When someone goes to inpatient rehab for cocaine addiction, they may participate in different types of therapy. Some people benefit from psychotherapy. This is where they talk with a therapist to understand why they started using drugs and how to deal with difficult emotions more healthily. They might also have one-on-one meetings with addiction experts who can give them support and advice.

In addition, inpatient rehab may include group therapy, classes to learn about addiction and how to manage it, and medication when needed. Each person’s treatment plan is different, but having a variety of therapies tailored to their needs can help them become sober and manage their addiction symptoms better.3

Treatment Methods Used In Residential Rehab For Cocaine Addiction

Inpatient rehab for cocaine addiction uses different ways to help people recover. One way is through talking with a counselor or therapist to figure out why they started using cocaine and how to cope without it. Another way is one-on-one meetings with addiction experts who give support and advice. Inpatient rehabs also have group therapy and classes to teach people about addiction.

Medication is prescribed as needed. Each person’s treatment is customized to their needs, and using different ways together can help them recover and manage their addiction better.

How Effective Is Inpatient Rehab For Cocaine Addiction?

Inpatient rehab is often seen as an excellent way to recover from cocaine addiction. However, it is not always easy to tell how well it works. Some studies have found that people who go through inpatient rehab have fewer problems with addiction over time. For example, a study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment found that people who finished inpatient rehab for cocaine addiction were less likely to use cocaine again than people who didn’t get inpatient treatment.

In addition, the people who completed inpatient treatment felt better physically and emotionally and had a better quality of life.4
rehab for cocaine

Rehab for Cocaine Addiction at Essence Healthcare

Cocaine addiction is a severe problem that can harm a person’s body and mind for a long time. Luckily, inpatient rehab can help those with cocaine addiction to overcome it. In an inpatient rehab center, patients receive professional care and customized treatment plans that help them recover from addiction and develop healthy habits.

Relapse is a possibility, but it doesn’t mean recovery has failed. Essence Healthcare works to provide all the resources you need to achieve long-term sobriety.

What We Offer

At Essence Healthcare, we offer evidence-based treatment and connect our patients with local support groups to continue their recovery after finishing the program. Our therapy options include both group and individual counseling, support groups, and more holistic approaches, such as yoga and meditation. Our ultimate goal is to help you meet your recovery goals.

Contact Essence Healthcare

If you want to take control of your life and become a healthier version of yourself, reach out to Essence Healthcare today for more information about our available treatment options.

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