A Partial Hospitalization Program Los Angeles Residents Can Trust

What is a partial hospitalization program Los Angeles residents can depend on? How does a PHP help in recovery? Find out here.


A partial hospitalization program is a structured outpatient program. It is a treatment option for people with mental illnesses. It is used when there is a reasonable expectation of improvement or when full hospitalization is not required. Also known as PHP, it is a program for people with mental illnesses that do not need 24-hour supervision.1 But, what is a partial hospitalization program Los Angeles residents can depend on? Find out in this comprehensive article.
Partial Hospitalization Program Los Angeles

Understanding the Structure and Intent of a PHP

When considering which partial hospitalization program Los Angeles offers might be best for you, it is important to first understand the structure and intent of any given PHP. A PHP requires patients to attend daily treatment sessions before returning home. This type of program helps to prevent in-house hospitalization. 

The only difference between PHP and other treatment programs is that it does not need inpatient hospitalization. According to the Journal of Psychiatric Services, people who received care in a PHP had lower hospitalization rates than those who received outpatient care.

When is PHP Recommended?

Doctors recommend PHP for mental health patients who do not need 24-hour care. Being in a partial hospitalization program is a clinical decision.2 It can only be made by a physician familiar with the patient’s illness and history. We submit patients to a clinical assessment at Essence Healthcare toward a partial hospitalization program Los Angeles residents can trust.

This allows us to check their condition and decide the most beneficial treatment. After clinical examination, we recommend PHP for patients who meet the following criteria:3

  • Having severe mental issues that need intensive treatment but not 24-hour hospitalization.
  • Difficulty in maintaining daily functioning like work or school.
  • Not at risk of self-harming or harming others
  • Individuals who have a strong support system at home
  • Individuals who are stable but still need a routine check-up.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

PHP has several health benefits for people with mental health issues, including the following:

Intensive Treatment

PHP provides intensive therapy and treatment to individuals experiencing severe mental health issues. Although these treatments do not need 24-hour hospitalization, the intensity of care can help individuals. They can significantly progress in managing their symptoms and maintaining their mental health.


Patients cannot participate in outside activities due to the restrictive nature of inpatient programs. PHP allows individuals to receive treatment while maintaining some independence and autonomy. It makes them feel more in control of their treatment. This flexibility can make the transition back to daily life easier.


PHP is often less expensive than inpatient hospitalization. It is a cost-effective option for individuals who need intensive mental health treatment.

Personalized Care

PHP is tailored to individual needs and circumstances. With a treatment plan developed by a team of mental health professionals, this personalized care can help individuals receive the specific interventions and support they need to recover.
partial hospitalization program los angeles

Essence Healthcare: a Partial Hospitalization Program Los Angeles Residents can trust

Essence Healthcare facility is a tremendous partial hospitalization program Los Angeles locals can trust. This is because we offer all the necessary resources to ensure efficient treatment and long-term recovery.

We also offer 30 to 40 hours of treatment per week. You receive your scheduled treatment during the day and return home at night. During a partial hospitalization program Los Angeles patients will receive help for alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Part of our PHP treatment at Essence includes drug and alcohol detox and therapy.

Variety of Partial Hospitalization Programs and Services

Our partial hospitalization program Los Angeles rehab offers treatments for patients with disorders. The treatments may vary depending on the program and the individual’s needs. Treatments offered at our partial hospitalization program Los Angeles rehab include:

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our PHP offers medication-assisted treatments. This involves working with a psychiatrist or other medical professional to find the proper medication. These medications help manage a patient’s mental health symptoms.

Individual Therapy

Our PHPs offer sessions with a licensed psychologist. These sessions can help patients explore their thoughts and feelings. It also helps them develop strategies to manage their conditions.

Group Therapy

Essence Healthcare PHPs also offer group therapy sessions. Group therapy can provide patients with a supportive and collaborative environment. It allows them to discuss their experiences and share coping strategies.

Family Therapy

This can be a crucial part of treatment for patients with strained family relationships. Our PHP offers family therapy sessions. This helps patients and their loved ones improve communication and develop healthier relationships.

Behavioral Therapies

At Essence, we offer a range of behavioral therapies. They include cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy. These therapies can help individuals develop strategies to manage their condition.

Holistic Therapies

Our partial hospitalization program Los Angeles rehab offers holistic therapies. They include therapies like yoga and meditation. These therapies can help individuals reduce stress, improve mood, and increase well-being. They also teach patients healthy coping skills to help them maintain wellness and sobriety long after treatment.

Substance Abuse in Los Angeles

According to recent data, substance abuse is a cause for concern in LA. Opioid overdose deaths in Los Angeles increased by 162% yearly from 2015 to 2020. According to a July 2022 report by the County of Los Angeles Public Health, 7.6% of Los Angeles County residents aged 12 and above live with a substance use disorder. It was also reported that every year, 2,579 people in Los Angeles County die from causes related to alcohol or drugs.4

Although the substance abuse problem in LA is widespread, certain demographics are more vulnerable to addiction. Young adults, for example, have a higher risk of substance abuse than older age groups. 8.5% of those aged 18 to 25 in Los Angeles have a substance use disorder involving illegal drugs, compared to 2.9% of those aged 26 and above. 

That is why we have made it our personal mission to help individuals of all ages and walks of life receive the treatment they need and deserve to live the fulfilling, healthy life we know they can achieve.

How Essence Can Help Combat Substance Abuse in LA

It is not wrong to conclude that LA has a serious substance abuse problem. Addressing this problem requires a comprehensive approach, including prevention, intervention, and treatment. One of the ways to do this is by providing a rehabilitation space for people with alcohol and substance abuse. This rehabilitation can be through our inpatient or partial hospitalization program.

At Essence, we provide an efficient partial hospitalization program Los Angeles residents and patients from all over can depend upon. It covers therapy, drug detox, and rehab aftercare. Our facility is comfortable and safe. We ensure our patients receive the quality healing experience they deserve.

Partial Hospitalization Program Los Angeles Locals Can Trust

Getting help for mental disorders and substance abuse should not be shameful. Acknowledging that you have a problem is the right step to healing. At Essence, your sustainable recovery is our top priority. We are wholly committed to your and your wellness journey. We will be with you every step of the way.

Stop researching “partial hospitalization Los Angeles recovery” on your own. We are here for you and can answer any questions and effectively guide you in the right direction. Contact us today and begin healing.

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