Advantages of Telehealth Services

Learn about the advantages of telehealth services and how they could benefit you or a loved one in this article.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a service that gives people access to healthcare services remotely using digital technology, such as computers and mobile devices. Individuals can access virtual appointments, records, and messaging services for easier access to healthcare. Doctors can train new providers and access vital information with telehealth platforms. 1

What are Telehealth Services?

Telehealth services allow people to manage their healthcare services without visiting a doctor’s office or medical facility. In addition to servicing individuals who need to connect with their doctors, telehealth can also be used for education training, administrative meetings, and monitoring patient records.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

Telehealth works by creating digital platforms for clients to connect with medical professionals and manage their healthcare services. Individuals can log in to video chat or message their doctor, view their medical records, request appointments, and do other things related to their healthcare needs. Medical professionals can log in to access all patient records and useful resources.

Telehealth vs. Telemedicine

The difference between telehealth and telemedicine is that telehealth is more all-encompassing than telehealth is. 2 Rather than focusing solely on offering remote healthcare services to individuals, telehealth also provides services to healthcare professionals and providers in training.

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Types of Telehealth Services

There are several different types of telehealth services for healthcare professionals and patients to take advantage of. Here are some different telehealth services available:

Therapy and Online Counseling

Individuals can attend therapy and online counseling through a telehealth service platform. Telehealth counseling services are excellent in times of social distancing or for individuals who can’t find transportation consistently.

Recurring Conditions Treatment

Telehealth services can be utilized by individuals undergoing recurring conditions treatment. Rather than making multiple visits to a medical facility each week or month, a person receiving treatment for recurring treatments can do so without having to leave their home.

Lab Test Or X-Ray Result Consultations

Consultations regarding lab tests or x-ray results can occur on telehealth platforms, making the process fast and easy for both individuals and medical professionals. Sometimes these consultations don’t take very long, so it can save time for everyone involved to hold these consultations remotely.

Prescription Management

Prescription management is another commonly used feature of telehealth services. Individuals and their doctors can connect virtually to discuss and manage current prescriptions. Telehealth platforms can also be used for individuals to message their providers about necessary prescription adjustments.

Urgent Care Issues

Telehealth services can be used to address urgent care issues in the case of a non-life-threatening emergency. If a person needs to see a provider as soon as possible, they can use telehealth messaging or video chat services to address urgent care issues. Providers can diagnose, offer advice, and prescribe medications through these virtual urgent care appointments.

Post-Surgical Follow-Up

Many clients and providers use telehealth services to complete post-surgical follow-ups. Providing remote services for post-surgical follow-up appointments can help save time and resources while giving the individual an appropriate time to rest after the surgery.

Treatment Of Skin Conditions

Skin conditions that are easily visible on the body can be diagnosed or examined with the help of telehealth and telemedicine services. These remote services are ideal for individuals with ongoing skin conditions requiring prolonged treatment.

Advantages of Telehealth Services

There are several distinct advantages of telehealth services within the healthcare industry. Here is a breakdown of some benefits and different things that telehealth can offer you or a loved one:

What Telehealth Can Do

Telehealth can help people access healthcare services from remote areas. This is convenient for people who can’t leave their homes due to health issues. In the case of illness, telehealth services can help prevent the spread of the illness by limiting the individual’s public exposure.

Further, the remote aspect of telehealth is beneficial for those who live in secluded areas and wouldn’t otherwise be able to drive to receive these services in person on a regular basis. Telehealth improves accessibility in the healthcare industry.

Benefits Of Telehealth Services

Many healthcare providers are taking advantage of telehealth services and the many benefits they offer. The benefits of telehealth services include encouraging social distancing practices, increasing accessibility, limiting exposure to illnesses, and conserving resources. This is especially useful in the current, digital age.

Questions to Ask to Prepare

Here are some important questions to ask to cover things to know when choosing to use telehealth for your healthcare services:

How To Prepare For Your Telehealth Appointment?

To prepare for your telehealth appointment, ensure that your WiFi is in working order with a strong enough connection to hold a video call if needed. Be in a quiet place or have headphones with a microphone so your doctor can hear you. Also, be sure to have all relevant medical information nearby when you meet with your provider.

Does Insurance Cover Telehealth Services?

Typically, most insurances will cover telehealth services and any associated fees. However, these standards are different from company to company. There is no set standard right now on telehealth services insurance coverage. 4

What Elements Protect Privacy And Information Security?

Being concerned about your privacy and information security during a telehealth appointment is common. However, the developers of these telehealth platforms do extensive work to protect data and prevent security risks from breaching the system. A telehealth platform rarely experiences a data leak.

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Best Telehealth Services for Mental Health

The best telehealth counseling services for mental health can be found at Essence Healing Center. With Essence, your mental health is in the hands of a team of trusted experts skilled in diagnosis, therapy, and aftercare for mental health individuals.

Telehealth Counseling Services At Essence Healing Center

The telehealth counseling services at Essence Healthcare include messaging services, virtual appointments via video chat, access to healthcare records, and many more remote services that allow individuals access to their healthcare.

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If you want more information about how the Essence Healthcare can help you improve your life, call us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable mental health experts. Our first-class telehealth services platform has everything you need to stay connected with your provider and access your medical records.

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